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Quality, Handmade Cast Aluminum Toys

Are you into old-fashioned model toys such as farm tractors Steam Engines, Gas Engines, Oil Pulls, Tractors and Plows? Check out the antique collectibles offered at Kesters Old Time Collectables in Crete, IL. We are a trusted source for premium-quality, handmade cast aluminum toys worldwide. Our models are based on modern vintage items, and we use the original molds used 50 years ago in reproducing each piece. Take a look at our unique toy collection, and see for yourself the amazing products we have to offer.

“All the models are authentic in design and detail. They are painted in their respective colors as the original equipment was painted and decorated in the early days of manufacture. They are designed to approximately 1/25th scale. All models move when pushed and come in assembled form. A local foundry uses the art of sand casting to produce the aluminum parts. I am still making models the old-fashioned way just like the originals were made more than 50 years ago. These one-of-a-kind match plates have been handed down to a handful of owners over the years. I have been the proud owner of these match plates since 2000. Each model is handmade, hand-painted, and detailed giving them a one-of-a-kind collector value. Any of my items can be mixed and matched with other models. I also offer custom painting and detailing upon request for those special collectors.”

Steam Engines, Gas Engines, Oil Pulls, or Tractors and Plows

We have old-fashioned toys like Avery, Baker, Case, Frick, Huber, Minneapolis, Port Huron, and Russell Steam Engines. We also have cast models Arco, Economy, Jaeger, Hercules Gas Engines, Hit and Miss Engines; handmade models Big 6 Trains, Skid Engines, Plows, Rumley Oil Pulls, Water Tanks, Hay or Box Wagons; and farm tractors Graham Bradley or Silver King. We offer reproductions of old-fashioned cast iron toys now cast in aluminum using handmade, hand-painted, and detailed for your enjoyment. Our products are proudly made in the USA.